Whispering Wild Market Farm

2021 Pasture Pork

             Price List



Breakfast sausage (ground) $8/lb

Breakfast sausage (link) $8/lb

Fresh Pork Belli  $11/lb

Italian sausage (ground) $8/lb 

Fresh Ground Pork $7/lb

Brats $9/lb

Smoked Hocks $5/lb

No-Cure Smoked Hocks $6/lb

Bones $3/lb

Smoked Bacon $12/lb

Fresh Side $11/lb

Boneless loin roast $9/lb

Fresh Chops $7/lb

No-cure smoked Chops $8/lb

Country Ribs $7/lb

Spare Ribs $8/lb

Picnic Roast $8/lb

Pork Steak $7/lb

Fresh Ham $7/lb

Smoked Ham $8/lb 

Lard $4/lb

Heart $4/lb

Liver $4/lb


Our Berkshire hogs are born on our farm, nursed for 5 weeks, males are castrated for best flavor, raised outdoors on pasture with lots of free-range eggs, apples, garden veggies, and wild forage along with their grain feed. Pasture-raised pork contains higher levels of bioavailable vitamin D, iron, and other nutrients, as well as a higher Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio. Our hogs are happy, relaxed, and free of synthetic chemicals.  The meat is dark and flavorful with excellent marbling. 


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