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Our Family.

Gina Kerr made a huge change in her life – from working as a massage therapist for almost 20 years in Arizona, to turning into a full-time farmer. Her other full-time job is being a step-mom to her oldest son Aleister, and a mom to her middle daughter Lily and youngest son Connor.

Gina’s husband Josh works full time in IT. Together they work hard towards becoming a self-sustaining farm.  Josh enjoys building and maintaining the infrastructure on the farm. Taking care of the pigs and other animals and helping Gina in the garden, especially with the water lines.

At the Farm.

One of Gina’s many jobs is to work in the 2 acre garden and hoop houses, growing fruit and veggies with natural methods. She grows produce for not only her family to enjoy, but for their benefactors (in-laws), winter stores, trade, the local Farmer’s Markets and for their growing CSA. In addition to the produce they grow, chickens, ducks, Berkshire pigs and rabbits are raised for eggs and meat.

While Gina works in the garden, her daughter lily can be found behind the house in her secret garden planting flowers – her favorites being lilies. Youngest son Connor adores caring for the farm animals and is excited to help out growing flowers and cherry tomatoes for the market. Oldest son Aleister can be found working on his accelerated Master’s degree in Physics.