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Baby chickens, bees, and our nature hike


It’s a beautiful day!! After a week of snow, rain, wind and cold, today the sun is shining in a clear blue sky and we spent the day outside! First we had Josh’s boss over to add the bees to the hives. They are from Italy and just darn pretty! IMG_9968

We have two hives he is generously lending us, we purchased the bees, but he’s going to be teaching us how to work them until we get familiar. I’m really looking forward to that. I hope they like it here!

After the bees got settled in, Connor and I went for a nature hike. Across the field to the creek that runs along the back of the property. Connor loves to play in the water and throw sticks and stones in.

Once it warmed up a bit we brought the baby chickens and ducks outside for their first taste of sunshine and grass.


I’m pretty sure they thought they were headed for the stew pot, but once realized they were going to be outside, they changed their tune. One of the layers is even trying to establish dominance by jumping on all the others. It’s pretty comical cause she’s (assuming she, might be a he) is so little compared to the meat chickens and the ducks. The ducks are enjoying a larger pool of water. One of them learned that she can’t breath if her whole bill is underwater. Duck sneezes are adorable.

We both got hungry at this point, so we went inside to fix lunch, but it was just so nice outside that I couldn’t stand to stay indoors. So we had a picnic!

And a subsequent siesta lol.


The beauty of this place is just overwhelming. And the flowers aren’t even blooming… well except these…IMG_0078

I absolutely love the green and copper colored moss growing on the rocks, decomposing trees and in the fields. Reminds me that we’re in Copper Country. I can’t wait to head up the peninsula to visit some of the state parks for camping and fishing.



Sandy dog is doing really well here. She loves running through the fields, jumping in the water and chasing whatever it is she thinks she smells under the leaf litter and tree stumps. She’s losing a lot of weight she gained from being over-fed by a generous grandma and gaining a lot of muscle with all the extra exercise.


We found the junk pile by the creek. Believe it or not, people used to just throw their trash out on their property. There’s all kinds of metal cans and glass from decades ago.

This will be one of my projects this summer. It’s kind of cool, cause this stuff is seriously old, but I can’t handle a junk pile in the middle of my paradise. It’s going to have to go.