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Arizona to the Upper Peninsula

Talk about opposites! We’ve traded the summer for the winter. And gladly! We’ve been blessed (the word doesn’t do the action justice, people use it to describe the proximity of their parking spot, but for lack of better word…). My husband’s extremely generous Father and his wife have gifted us their 40 acre farm!! Complete with a 4 bedroom farmhouse


a giant barn with a roof that you could train in aerial acrobatics in


a 2 acre fenced garden, fields for days, fruit trees, grape vines, a chicken coop, sheds, a tractor, a farm truck, a dump truck (currently stuck in the mud)


it needs a little work


and just about everything one could want or wish for in the event they inherit a 40 acre farm! We are eternally grateful and have the motivation and drive to take their years of hard work and loving labor and bring it up to a self-sustaining farm. We have a 3 year goal (though that’s probably ambitious) to get this place making enough money so my husband  and I can be full time farmers. This blog is part of that goal. It is my hope that these stories of our successes and our failures… and our complete screw-ups, will at least replace the income I left behind in Arizona, if not more in the next year or two. (So please feel free to share this on your social media pages!). It’s going to be a lot of back-breaking, knee twisting, muscle building, blood, sweat and tears hard work to meet our goals, but we’re ready. Plus, we have a teenager!! So that’s nice. lol